Spares and Support

“We only supply quality, proven products that can be trusted to deliver.”

As an independent manufacturer of refrigeration plants, Lightfoot supplies parts for almost every compressor make. With particular emphasis on the Carrier, Bock, and Bitzer brands. Lightfoot has a history dating back to 1885 as a designer, contractor and manufacturer refrigeration systems and therefore has a comprehensive document file system, which make Lightfoot capable of looking back for miscellaneous parts and technical enquiries.

Working daily with enquiries for replacement parts to refrigeration plants delivered 25-30 years ago. The extensive archive and detailed obsolescence plan ensures customers have the correct replacement part usually with little notice. Through all the years, Lightfoot has kept close contact with its customers in all industries, learning their needs and meeting the special requirements demanded by their industry. This experience gained, has been incorporated into parts department, and made Lightfoot a competent and reliable partner as a supplier of spares and support for refrigeration worldwide.

  • Genuine spare parts for many manufacturers’ compressors, plus various ancillary parts
  • A 24 hour, 365 day a year emergency breakdown service
  • Next day delivery within the UK from our Warehouse in Fareham
  • Unique problem solving technical advisory service
  • Shipping and documentation expertise for customers worldwide
  • Dedicated sales and customer service team to assist with all your parts requirements, whatever the size or value, wherever you are

Should you have any questions or queries regarding any Lightfoot part, past or present, please contact our Spares and Logistics Manager, Iain McCaw who will be only to please to assist you.