Navies throughout the world are major users of Lightfoot systems for both air conditioning and food refrigeration. These systems are specifically designed to operate under arduous circumstances in a variety of climatic conditions with high operational reliability. The designs also reflect the restricted installation space and strict limitations on noise and weight.

Lightfoot are a leading specialist supplier and manufacturer of a wide range of custom built refrigeration equipment including the latest anti-magnetic air conditioning and refrigeration for minesweepers and offshore patrol vessels. Indeed, all current Royal Navy Minehunter vessels are fitted with Lightfoot systems. In addition to providing a full range of air conditioning plant, including chillers and air handling units for marine applications, Lightfoot manufactures bespoke self-contained packaged units with both condensers and evaporators for specific applications.

Other Marine Services Include:
  • Worldwide military marine (naval) refrigeration and air conditioning system design and manufacture
  • Total refurbishment and upgrading of Lightfoot refrigeration equipment and compressors.
  • The design and build of refrigeration equipment and air conditioning to meet customers’ individual requirements.
  • A comprehensive spares facility for all models of Lightfoot equipment.
  • Maintenance and service support to marine products and installations through Lightfoot’s service division.
  • Technical consultancy and development