Lightfoot are a leading specialist supplier and manufacturer of a wide range of custom built refrigeration equipment, which includes a full range of air conditioning plant, chillers, air handling units and also specialists in the design, manufacture and supply of refrigeration maintenance equipment for tri-service applications.

Lightfoot manufactures bespoke self-contained packaged units with both condensers and evaporators for specific applications including our own range of compressors.

Air forces throughout the world are major users of Lightfoot integrated servicing systems for the recovery and re-charge of aircraft and ground support equipment. Capable of a full service cycle from one machine, recovery, pressure test, vacuum and re-charge. These units are designed with the military in mind; they are robust, air transportable, mobile and suitable for use in high ambient temperatures.

In fact all systems that we provide are specifically designed to operate under arduous circumstances in a variety of climatic conditions with high operational reliability. The designs also reflect the often limited time frame for servicing and noise and weight limits.

We are the current supplier of Eurofighter DASS refrigerant servicing equipment and the Apache Mk1 and 4 holistic refrigerant servicing systems.

Other Air Services Include:
  • Worldwide military (Air) refrigeration and air conditioning system design and manufacture.
  • Total refurbishment and upgrading of Lightfoot refrigeration equipment and compressors
  • The design and build of refrigeration equipment and air conditioning to meet customers’ individual requirements.
  • Complete range of vehicle refrigeration maintenance equipment for most refrigerants
  • A comprehensive spares facility for all models of Lightfoot equipment.
  • Maintenance and service support to Air Forces products and installations through Lightfoot’s service division.
  • Technical consultancy and development